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La Vision

COBA’s principal role is related to agriculture and its derivatives. We wish to promote the agricultural products of our continent by transforming them for an increase in value.
Subsidiarily we are interested in stock breeding, fish breeding, horticulture etc. Any activity having a direct link and other with Agriculture is part of our unbounded creed.

AGRICULTURAL COMPANY OF BONDOUKOU “COBA " is a limited company with a board of directors. Ten million (10,000,000) FRANCS CFA is its capital.

It has as a speciality
- The production, collection and transformation of agricultural raw materials, - The sale of semifinished and manufactured agricultural products;
Bondoukou, where its head office is installed is a strategic city in the agricultural production in Ivory Coast. The President of its Board of directors: Mr. OUATTARA Issoufou, and his Auditor: Holder: Mr. TIEMOKO Kofi (Cabinet AUDIT INTERCONTINENTAL), his deputy Mr. Lamine FOFANA (Cabinet AUDIT INTERCONTINENTAL) and a dynamic team are on site for a good promotion of African agriculture and all its actors.


To reinforce the economic capacities of COBA

· To improve the production

To renew the orchards by powerful vegetable equipment; to improve product quality in order to:
- To increase marketed volume
- To increase the market share on the niche markets


· To diversify its activities

Diversification will be done through the transformation of cocoa beans and residues as well as the marketing of other products.


· To develop lines of business

- Expand the capacity of transport service by acquiring more rolling stocks

To reinforce the financial capacities of COBA

To mobilize the financing opportunities

To identify the local and foreign financing opportunities To reinforce technical capabilities of the administrators and staff
To analyze these opportunities To assemble financing files To equip COBA with a micro financing structure

To reinforce technical capabilities of the administrators and staff

To train the administrators

- To prepare the training program
- To have the training program implemented


- To train staff according to the needs

- To evaluate the impact of the trainings on the performances of COBA

To reinforce the social actions for the benefit of producers and staff

To improve the sanitary conditions of the members

To create rural pharmacies To create rural health huts To equip the Health centres in construction To provide drinking water

To shift to the transformation phase
COBA plans to shift to the transformation phase of its products by the creation of transformation factories of cashew, cocoa and coffee torrefaction as well as the husking of rice. This option will certainly ensure the flourishing of COBA and the improvement of its members’ lives.

Message from the President

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God It was in the beginning with God. All things were made by it, and none of the creation was made without it. Yes, we wished to contribute to the planning of the development of our city, region, country, continent.
The Word made it possible to gather and create cheerfully and peacefully “COBA”: The Agricultural Company of Bondoukou

Bondoukou is a sociological and cultural mosaic city endowed, with a varied climate and peaceful because of its peace-loving inhabitants. It is located in the North-East of the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

Our single ambition is to give the best of ourselves in all our undertakings here and now : SELF SACRIFICE.

With Force and Strength we will fetch, wherever necessary and useful, the complement of the tool to be used as a lever on our way.

The way which will make it possible for the future generations to build and construct.

Yes, I said to build, we will build and construct.
May Peace prevail on earth.
May joy of living be in the families.
May Love prevail in mankind .
Together Let us glorify Work .

May God bless our joint undertaking.