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The Yam

Yam is an ambiguous vernacular name indicating several species of plants belonging to the Dioscorea kind, family of Dioscoreaceae, cultivated in all the tropical areas of the sphere for their edible tubers rich in starch. The term also indicates the tuber itself consumed as a vegetable-root. In North America and in Quebec, what is called yam is often, in reality, a sweet potato.


The chemical composition of the tubers is close to that of potatoes with approximately 25% starch, but a little more proteins (approximately 7%, four times more than the cassava). They are very low in fat and minerals, and rather rich in vitamin C. Certain varieties, used by pharmaceutical industry, contain substances of three types:

  • - alkaloids, like dioscorine,
  • - tannins,
  • - sapogenins, like the diosgénine which is also used in laboratory with other components for the preparation of steroids, similar in particular to cortisone, progesterone and oestrogens, once transformed.

As for the natural diosgenine of the yam, it has shown in various studies that it intervenes as lipophylic antioxydant and contributes to the good transformation of food sterols, which are sources of the endogenous steroid hormones. The species of yams for feeding use or in food supplement are mainly Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea opposita
Ivory Coast produces on average 3,000,000 Tons ; that is 8% of the world production

Message from the President

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God It was in the beginning with God. All things were made by it, and none of the creation was made without it. Yes, we wished to contribute to the planning of the development of our city, region, country, continent.
The Word made it possible to gather and create cheerfully and peacefully “COBA”: The Agricultural Company of Bondoukou

Bondoukou is a sociological and cultural mosaic city endowed, with a varied climate and peaceful because of its peace-loving inhabitants. It is located in the North-East of the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

Our single ambition is to give the best of ourselves in all our undertakings here and now : SELF SACRIFICE.

With Force and Strength we will fetch, wherever necessary and useful, the complement of the tool to be used as a lever on our way.

The way which will make it possible for the future generations to build and construct.

Yes, I said to build, we will build and construct.
May Peace prevail on earth.
May joy of living be in the families.
May Love prevail in mankind .
Together Let us glorify Work .

May God bless our joint undertaking.